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Hell Date: The Gay Guy

Online dating can be a real treat. It weeds out the guys who have children, jobs, and lets you know up front what they’re looking for, that is if they don’t lie on their profiles. I “met” Dave online three weeks ago and when I say, I struck gold- I thought this is what the commercials are all about. We both write, he’s physically attractive, and has his life together. Hence the reason why I was so excited when he called me for the first time last week. But that excitement quickly turned into leery when I heard what sounded like another woman with a deep voice on the other end of my phone. So I went into Catfish prevention gear and demanded that “he” come meet me for a drink. I was positive that there would be a manly woman with blonde dreads waiting for me at the bar. Boy was I surprised when I arrived and there was a tall, handsome, stylish man who looked even better than his profile pictures!

He was perfect! Well until he opened up his moth and sounded like a true Judy! One word. Feminine He appeared to be chewing gum whenever he spoke, however there was nothing in his mouth..Way too feminine for me – an Alpha female. But he seemed like a “good dude” so I stuck it out. He paid for our drinks and gave me a ride in his beamer back to my car, but I couldn’t help but notice that he didn’t open the door for me and his feminine demeanor was killing me. I knew it wasn’t going to work, but I thought “keep an open mind”.

We talked for a few more days, but after I flaked on our second date, he seemed a little catty. It wasn’t long after that he informed me that he has a two year daughter and that he had problems cuddling and with PDA. RED FLAG! It took everything inside of me not to say “maybe you just aren’t into women” as he reminded me that there was no way this was going to work. Then he suggested that we date exclusively, since he doesn’t believe in “multi-dating” well that was pretty much it for me. There was no way I was interested in a possibly gay, catty, controlling, man with intimacy issues. And as I mentally checked myself out of this situation. He “broke up” with me, saying we don’t have the same dating beliefs”, Ugh, you think?

Bye Felicia!

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