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Hell Date: The Drunk Guy

Just when you thought that dating in LA was bad enough, the city showed me that I hadn’t seen the worse it could provide. I met Dan at a trendy bar in Culver City (Rush Street) on a Friday night. He was far from being my type physically, but the least I could do after he bought my girls and I a few drinks was talk to him. It was during our “deep” drunken conversation that I learned that he had a rewarding career as a tennis instructor and was a single father. Now I usually don’t bother dating men with kids because it shows a lack of planning and discernment, but I was trying to keep an open mind so I gave him my number.

After about a week of exchanging a few texts here and there, I was positive that I wasn’t interested. That is until one day he called and asked if I wanted to go to the Laker Game? Ugh… you think? I was not turning down a chance to see The Black Mamba in action so I said yes. Red Flag #1: he called only an hour in advance to make the date (but I wasn’t going for him- it was all about Kobe for me). So I got dressed, fixed my hair and I was set.

Moments later he arrived in front of my apartment in a spanking new Lexus. I was impressed. I thought, maybe this won’t be so bad after all he seems to have his life together… boy was I wrong! Not only did he not get out of the car to open the door for me, after he leaned over the passenger seat to open my door, I immediately noticed a glass of brown liquor in his other hand. Mind you it was not dark out. I thought that was odd, but I said, “Kimaya , keep an open mind”. Next thing I know, we’re rolling down the 10 freeway and this fool pulls out a black & mild and begins to roll himself a blunt-while driving! I was horrified! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t see anything wrong with a little 420 every now and then, but a first date?! This is the impression you want to leave on me? I was mortified and ready to go, but as we pulled into Staples Center’s VIP parking lot, and rolled up to the seventh row of the stadium, I couldn’t help but be optimistic. I mean, I could almost smell the sweat on the court! I didn’t speak to my date for most of the game, and I was certain that I was not interested. So as he drove me back home, and invited me over to his place, I laughed and told him to drop me off at my sister’s place. There was no way I was going anywhere else with a drunk guy!

Moral of the story: Ladies, always follow your gut instinct, if you're not truly interested in a guy, it's for a reason. Don't bother "keeping an open mind" aka settling for someone just to seem nice... well, unless he has court side seats to the game.

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