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'Helix' season 1, episode 9: Spoilers for 'Level X'

Billy Campbell stars in "Helix" as Dr. Alan Farragut
Billy Campbell stars in "Helix" as Dr. Alan Farragut
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Viewers are getting closer to finding out what exactly is going on with the virus, but it isn't good news. On Feb. 22, Three If By Space posted two sneak peek videos for "Helix" season 1, episode 9 that reveal more information about the virus, why it was created, a secret lower level and an evil coming that is far worse than Sutton.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Helix" season 1, episode 9 spoilers, then stop reading.

The episode is titled "Level X" and the sneak peeks show Sarah walking through level R, which appears abandoned. As she is walking, the camera zooms in on a vent in the wall. She walks past it, then stops as if she hears or senses something. She cautiously turns around and slowly goes back to the vent. Before she gets there, one of the infected pops the covering open, climbs out and races to catch her.

Sarah ends up safety behind a gate as Daniel, Alan and a few other people deal with the infected individual. One uses a tool to grab him by the neck to hold him in place while Daniel uses his taser on him. The infected man is put on a stretcher and taken away. Alan is wondering why that was the only one they have seen and how the other 50 disappeared.

Alan goes to the vent to investigate and wants to know if they are on the bottom level, to which Hiroshi answers yes. However, Alan can feel air coming up from below and knows there is another level below them. Hiroshi looks stressed and worried, knowing that they are getting closer to discovering the truth. Daniel says that he should tell them everything. It is revealed that below them is level X and is where the virus vault is. It is where all of the original core samples are kept and hearing this news, Alan is livid that they kept the fact that they had the original samples a secret. Daniel tells them that they have the samples because Hiroshi created them.

Back up on their level, Sarah and Julia look concerned and are deep in thought while Alan angrily questions Hiroshi and wants to know why he created an "apocalypse virus." Hiroshi says he wasn't going to deliver it, that he developed the virus and the cure to create something more beneficial. His intention was to cure cancer and if he didn't create it, then the people that hired him would have just used another lab who might have delivered it to them. Then he says to Alan,

"Without me, you would be dealing with a billion bodies by now."

He then lets them know that something is coming that is far worse than Sutton was, that she was just the messenger. Next the company that hired him to create the virus will send an army who will not stop until they have it.

In another sneak peek video, Julia questions Hiroshi about the photograph of the two together when she was a little girl. There are also glimpses of scenes of Alan going down a dark staircase, probably to level X, Julia in another scene appearing as if she is about the cry, someone using a baseball bat and finally, a group of the infected, with the one in front very angry and letting out a loud howl-type scream.

"Helix" season 1, episode 9 will air on Feb. 28.

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