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'Helix' season 1, episode 7: Spoilers for 'Survivor Zero'

Titles can reveal what a particular episode will be about and "Helix" is no different. The title for episode 7 is titled "Survivor Zero" and it seems to indicate that viewers may find out who contracted the virus first. While there are no concrete answers to who that is yet, some fans have a pretty good idea. On Feb. 8, Seriable posted a preview video for episode 7 that may reveal some clues to this question as well as others.

Jeri Ryan plays Constance Sutton in "Helix"
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

As fans may have seen in the moments following episode 6, a group of people arrive where protective clothing and head gear, coming in with their guns pointed, ready to shoot. Syfy provided a bit more in a video that was uploaded to YouTube. In the sneak peek, Alan assumes that they are military, but Dr. Hatake says that they are his "corporate patrons." As the disguised group approaches Alan, Sarah, Dr. Hatake and Daniel, they lower their weapons. Constance Sutton, the Chief Operating Officer of the Ilaria Corporation, played by Jeri Ryan, takes off her head gear, shakes Alan's hand a little too eagerly and says how great it is to finally meet him. She gives a big smile and says,

"We're here to help you."

Of course, she does so in a tone that doesn't exactly match up to her words. It seems to be more of a corporate clean up or cover up. According to IMDB, Jeri will only be appearing in two episodes, so the storyline for her character will probably be wrapped up quickly. Of course, Alan (Billy Campbell) and Sarah (Jordan Hayes) know something is up and it is not as it appears.

In another scene, Alan tells Constance that he needs a working line to the CDC, but she reminds him that the communications satellite went down. Alan then suggests a helicopter, but she explains that they are out of range already and there is nothing she can do until they return in two days. During the conversation, she gives a glance to Hatake as if she is not happy with him, then quickly turns back to Alan and asks what he needs from Ilaria. He says that he wants Dr. Walker back and that she is contained because she is infected. Once he explains that Walker is an expert in RNA and she is the most important member of his team, she agrees to bring her back.

Then Constance asks to speak to Hatake and of course, Daniel tries to follow only to be stopped by Constance, who tells him that she wants to speak to the doctor in private. Once they are in his office, she attacks him and says that all they needed were two simple things. He says that he created her virus, but she wants the cure.

Other preview clips for "Survivor Zero" show the Ilaria Corporation going down a dark corridor with their weapons in position. One member is attacked by an infected patient and Constance is also on the mission, presumably to bring Walker back to Alan.

Will Alan and his team figure out that Constance is behind the virus? Is Hatake "survivor zero" or is it someone else? These questions and more will hopefully be answered before the first season concludes.

"Helix" season 1, episode 7 will air on Feb. 14.

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