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'Helix' season 1, episode 11: Recap of 'Black Rain'

Neil Napier plays Peter in "Helix"
Neil Napier plays Peter in "Helix"
Showcase Network/YouTube (Screen Capture)

On March 14, "Helix" season 1, episode 11 aired. The episode was titled "Black Rain" and it was creepy good. There were exploding rats, Peter's shocking face up close and disappearing people.

The infected serve a purpose

The episode started off with Dr. Kato noticing a rat inside a microwave. Although anyone would be curious, with the events of the previous eleven days, it wasn't a good idea to get a closer look. It was bait and as she got close to the microwave, she was grabbed by two of the infected. Peter's face was seen, up close and for more than a few seconds and it was creepy looking at his eyes and the popped out veins throughout his skin. At the beginning of the season, many viewers thought the infected were filled with rage like on "28 Days Later" or hungry for the living, like zombies. But as each episode has come and gone, it became clear that these beings are far more intelligent and are actually serving a purpose... even though it is a purpose that is filled with evil.

Ilaria is coming

Peter and the infected are not the only problems that have to be dealt with. Ilaria has not heard from Sutton and they will be coming. As a six-hour countdown begins, Hatake activates a case of explosives. This has to make one wonder if he plans to blow the whole place up or just the area where the cultures and samples are. It is revealed later that Hatake plans to allow Ilaria to enter and then implode the base on top of them and the infected. The ones that are not infected will be evacuated to a bunker below the base, a bunker that has been hidden from everyone except Hatake.

Julia's spinal fluid a cure?

It seems that Peter's plan is to infect or kill everyone. People have started to disappear and Alan eventually agrees to Julia's idea of using her spinal fluid to save everyone since it seems to have worked on Sarah's tumor. However, everyone reacts differently to medications, therapies and treatments, her spinal fluid may not save everybody.

Suddenly Sarah hits the glass and starts going crazy. Has she become one of "them?" It seems so, but then she seems back to normal and wants to help with creating the vaccine. This is worrisome. Was it just the initial reaction of Julia's spinal fluid or is she going to switch back and forth until she completely morphs into a vector? Or did Julia's spinal fluid make her immortal?

Each side has a plan

Alan and the team are not the only ones with a plan. The vectors have also been planning ahead and set up a fire alarm so that black blood will drench the sunroom, covering the healthy people who try to escape.

The vaccine the team has been working on is finally complete, but there is the issue of how to inject it into the vector's stomachs. After going through a few ideas, they finally decide on Aerov's suggestion. He has a pack that will allow them to spray cryofluid on the infected and that will let them get close enough to inject them. Since he and Julia are immortal, they are the ones that do the vaccinations. Their plan is succeeding at first, but then the other vector's hide in the air vents.

Sarah ends up having a migraine and when viewers see her eyes, they are silver. Aerov grabs the explosive detonator, but they don't go off like they are supposed to.


At the end of the episode when it is revealed that the Narvik has not been found, a teenage boy with silver eyes gives a shocking order,


"Black Rain" was an episode that was probably the best so far. There are only two episodes left, so the main characters are probably going to survive the "extermination" somehow. There is no word on whether there will be a second season, but fans do love the show. Executive producer Steven Maeda did say that he was cautiously optimistic about a renewal.

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