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'Helix' season 1, episode 10 sneak peeks and episode title definition

The next episode of "Helix" is titled "Fugishi" and it appears that fans are going to get closer to some answers. On March 1, TV Promos posted a video to its YouTube channel that reveals what viewers can expect. SpoilerTV also showed a different sneak peek clip for "Helix" season 1, episode 10.

Hiroyuki Sanada stars as Hiroshi Hataki in "Helix"
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Sarah's tumor has been discovered. Hataki noticed the scar from her surgery and now she lays on a bed, being strapped down. She awakens nervous and scared, but Alan tells her that they are just going to do a scan. She closes her eyes, then something terrifying happens. She sees one of the infected who looks straight at her, then attacks the imaging technician. She can't move because she is strapped down in the machine and Alan isn't seen. However, it turns out that she either was having a nightmare or had a hallucination because Alan appears in front of her asking her why she was screaming.

In another scene, Hataki tells Julia that he loved her mother very much and shows her a scrapbook he has kept of her life. He mentions that she took Julia away when she found out about the other children. This is where the episode will probably get interesting because it was recently discovered that Daniel was one of those kids that were taken.

SpoilerTV also had a sneak peek which had Hataki narrating that there was nothing outside but certain death and Julia wants to know exactly what she is. Hataki can be heard saying,

"She doesn't have much time."

But who is he talking about? Is it Julia, Sarah or someone else?

According to, fushigi is a word to describe a miracle, mystery or wonder.

"Helix" season 1, episode 10 will air on March 7.

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