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'Helix' premieres on Syfy: Not your typical 'walkers' these dead folks are smart

Helix” comes to the Syfy Channel tonight with its premiere of zombie-like people, but these aren’t typical zombies. The dead people in this new show have kept some of their intellect. Steve Maeda, the executive producer of “Helix” anticipates comparisons to “The Walking Dead,” but these creatures can think, which makes them different from the walkers, according to Zap2It on Jan. 10.

"Helix" airs it's opening episode tonight, Friday Jan. 10.
Helix promo

The zombies, or walkers on “The Walking Dead” are honed into food sources only and they just slowly plow their way from point A to B to eat. Other than an occasional close call to a nibble from "The Walking Dead" walkers, they don't plan just plod along like robots. That's not the case with the Vectors on "Helix."

Vectors, who have died from a virus that runs rampant, look horrible, says Maeda. Zombies on “The Walking Dead” don’t look so good, so if these Vectors look horrible in comparison, it should be a sight to see.

The show opens with a group of CDC scientists investigating a disease outbreak in the Arctic. What they stumble into is catastrophic and the task starts immediately to contain those infected while trying to find a cure. The task at hand is also making sure you don't become one of the Vectors.

Once this disease gets you, you become a vector, and this new line of zombie-like people are “incredibly smart.”

Maeda says with “Helix,” they’re really trying to do something different than a zombie show. In this show, the CDC will have to contend with a possible world epidemic.

Kyra Zagorsky, who plays one of the doctors from the CDC, said about the show:

“There are real-life epidemic scares out there throughout history where there are huge viruses that wiped out huge populations, and so we’re dealing with something that the CDC hasn’t seen before, but it comes from a virus.”

The 90-minute premiere of “Helix” airs tonight on Syfy at 10 p.m. Watch the first 15 minutes of the show on the video above and get a feel about this new offering from Syfy!

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