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'Helix' episode 8: Sneak peek for 'Bloodline'

The next episode of "Helix" is titled "Bloodline" and on Feb. 20, a sneak peek clip was uploaded to Showcase Network's YouTube channel. Julia is going to reveal a secret, supplies are contaminated and Alan learns something about Hiroshi.

Kyra Zagorsky as Dr Julia Walker in "Helix"
Syfy/YouTube (Screen Capture)

Warning: If you do not want to know "Helix" episode 8 spoilers, then stop reading.

The first scene of the sneak peek shows an infected man crawling above the ceiling. He looks down and spots Julia and Alan. He targets Alan and sees the insides of his body turn a neon green while Julia's stays the same.

Down below, Julia, Sarah and Alan are talking and Julia seems to have a huge appetite and seems extremely happy and upbeat. Perhaps too much... her behavior is a bit on the manic side. She keeps saying how great she feels and she has never felt better. She tells Alan that her symptoms just vanished all of a sudden. Sarah warns her that it doesn't mean the virus is gone, that it could simply be going dormant in her system.

Suddenly, Julia begins to choke and things don't look good for her until she starts laughing. Alan doesn't appreciate the prank and it is odd behavior for her. Julia so far has been serious and focused on finding answers to the infection. For her to suddenly be pulling pranks is a little strange.

Then the conversation turns to Sutton when Julia tells Alan that Hiroshi doesn't trust her either, something he is surprised about. Then he is shocked further when she explains that Hiroshi actually helped her get back up to their level.

Before Alan has a chance to question her further, an alarm goes off. When he goes to investigate, he meets Daniel and there is a dead body of an infected man on the floor and there is blood all over the food supplies. Alan wonders if contaminating the food supply was its intention.

Sarah is taking blood from Julia and asks her about the symptoms she experienced while infected. Light sensitivity was one of them and she tells her this. Then Sarah shines a light into her eyes, but Julia reacts to it. Sarah realizes that Julia is wearing colored contacts. Julia asks her to keep a secret, takes the contacts out to reveal her new eyes.

Episode 8 of "Helix" will air on Feb. 21.

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