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Helicopters are designed and considered as a rotary wing aircraft that has many uses and they are very versatile because of their ability to takeoff and land vertical.

Helicopters can be designed to carry from 1 passenger up to over 50 passengers depending on the function the helicopter was designed to preform.

A helicopter is made up of duralumin sheets of skin pressed together to be used for framework, spars, and stiffeners.

Helicopters are also made of magnesium and magnesium alloys because these ingredients add strength and also light weight.

Helicopter landing gear, wheels, engine mounting, brackets, crankcase sections, cover plates and many other parts are made up of magnesium and magnesium alloy.

Plywood is used to build the helicopter fuselage and the wings of a small helicopter to make it lightweight and less complicated.

Steel is usually used for helicopter engine parts, tubing,structural framing, and for skin surfaces.

Titanium is used to reinforce the helicopter skin surfaces and helps protect the skin from exhaust flame and heat.

Wood is used for making helicopter beams, wing spars, and fragile stringers in control surfaces.

Helicopters are designed and used for personal use, professional use, commercial use, military use, and has become a major means of transportation for passengers or things that need to be transported by air.