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Seattle helicopter crash kills 2: Copter smashes down on cars near Space Needle

Helicopter crash near the Seattle Space Needle kills two, in horrendous accident.
Helicopter crash near the Seattle Space Needle kills two, in horrendous accident.
Komo News screen shot

A helicopter crashed near the Seattle Space Needle on Tuesday morning killing two people. The news chopper came down on Broad Street, destroying two cars that caught fire, according to Fox News live on March 18. It is not known if the two reported deaths were in the helicopter or if they were victims on the ground.

Witnesses tell Fox News that the crash was no more than 30 yards from the Space Needle in downtown Seattle. Two people were declared dead at a nearby hospital. One man pulled himself out of the wreckage and was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

NBC News on March 18, confirms the two deaths and one injured in this helicopter crash. The chopper is used by local Seattle television networks KOMO, which is an ABC affiliate, and NBC affiliate KING5.

According to Komo News in Seattle, two cars were engulfed in fire, one man was seen running from one of the cars with his sleeve on fire. Officers on the scene extinguished the man’s burning shirt.

Fuel gushing from the crashed helicopter traveled about a block and it caught on fire. This is a very chaotic scene right outside the Seattle Space Needle this morning. It is breaking news so the details are still sketchy. Please check back for more details as they come in.

ABC News reports that “plumes of smoke engulfed the Space Needle shortly after the crash.” They too report that the area around the Space Needle is a horrendous accident scene.

Update: The two people who are dead were in the copter when it crashed. No one on the ground was killed. There is still no word on the cause of this early morning crash.

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