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Helicopter crash kills two: KOMO-TV chopper crash

A helicopter crash occurred in Seattle, Washington on Tuesday which killed at least two people while another person was injured. The helicopter, which crashed into several cars on Broad Street near the iconic Space Needle in Seattle, was KOMO-TV’s helicopter. KOMO-TV is an affiliate of ABC News, according to a Time report on Tuesday.

KOMO-TV chopper crash in Seattle on March 18, 2014

In the fiery crash, at least two vehicles were struck near the office of KOMO-TV, Seattle’s local news station. The station reportedly operated the news chopper. A witness said one person was seen crawling out of a car while being aflame.

Emergency personnel immediately went to the scene of the accident which was engulfed in flames accompanied by black smoke – which later smoldered in the area.

The KOMO news helicopter crashed just after it had lifted off, crashing and burning only 50 feet away from the Space Needle. The chopper was lifting off of the television station’s roof when it hit the side of the building and crashed down on the cars.

Authorities with the Seattle Fire Department do not know the cause of the accident. The National Transportation Safety Board is in charge of the investigation.

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