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Helena set to release newest single 'Breathe' on John Dalhback's label

Helena for Mutants Records
Helena for Mutants Records
Sixth Degree / Mutants Records

It is hard enough for women producers and DJs to foray this male-centric world of EDM but Los Angeles adoptee and Australian native Helena has a new label - and a new sound - to give any electro-house producer some competition leading into 2014.

With the looks to match her creative prowess, Helena will be one to watch as she pioneers her way into John Dahlback's label Mutants Records. Originally started as a means for Dahlback to take full creative control of his own productions, the label has since gone on to present work from seminal producers such as Avicii and Tommy Trash. Mutants Records has become synonymous with pushing the EDM boundaries and introducing a raw take on the traditional sounds of the genre.

'Breathe' is that intake of air right before you dive off the edge. It starts off with a subtle progressive rise before crashing into a jagged drop that is ready made for any festival, club or after-hour haunt. With no respite in energy, this track is Helena's ode to fresh beginnings with a new label and an exciting new year.

Listen to the preview of 'Breathe' here and look for the final release January 13 via Beatport.