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Heirloom color for the modern garden


Whats old is new again!

Heirloom color for the garden at Lanccaster County Museum

Heirloom plants, the original color. You may have heard the term heirloom, but do you know what it means? It means we are lucky to live in the Harrisburg area in central Pennsylvania!

In the heart of Lancaster county is the Landis Valley Farm Museum. The museum is a living example of  life and culture of  the Pennsylvania Germans. The farm remains as it  would have in the 1800's, complete with barns, houses and farm animals. Seasonal exhibits show how linen was made from flax, blacksmith work and more. See the Landis Valley Farm website for more information on demonstrations.

Since 1980, the museum has taken on the monumental task of preserving seeds, from colorful vegetables and flowers, that were used by the early Germans.The program is called the Heirloom Seed Project & Farm Program.

 In simple terms, the seeds are called heirloom because they are pure. Each variety is it's own plant, not a combination of plants. This means the seeds, when saved and planted, will always produce the same plant it came from. Modern day seed will not do this. The ourtcome of modern seeds, when saved, is uncertain. It may revert back to either parent.

A list of this years Heirloom seeds is available online.

Every year, the Heirloom Seed Project  has a spring sale. During the two-day sale, they offer heirloom plants to the public. Very rare, uniquely colored vegetable and plant varieties, not available elsewhere in the Harrisburg area, can be found at the sale.

This year the Landis Valley Museum Heirloom Sale is May 7 and 8. For the flyer and details

 You can even visit the farm on U-tube at

Set some time aside to visit the Herb and Garden Faire. You will be helping to preserve Pennsylvania German culture for future generations and keep the colors alive!

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