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Heiress adopts Lady: Dog's story ends happily after finding new home

The Wrigley's Gum heiress adopts Lady the dog, and the save is making the Internet buzz. Lady the dog did not have the best of luck in recent years. Her owner died in 2012. Since then she has been in two more homes, but she landed back in an animal shelter. Her story made news after a long trek home to her former family, and that is where Helen Rich learned of this dog's story. KOB4 shared the story of Rich and Lady on Aug. 5.

Lady finds new home with Helen Rich.
Photo by Mesa Top News Examiner: Video screen cap

Lady is a black Labrador, and she is not a young dog. It is safe to say that Helen Rich saved Lady's life by adopting her. Lady made news recently because she decided to take a 30 mile long walk back to her family. She spent two years with the family after her owner died, but they sent Lady back to the shelter when they adopted a smaller dog. The family had problems with Lady and the smaller dog. Their solution was to give Lady up.

Lady decided to walk back home all on her own. One might think the family would take the dog back in after such an act, but the family did not do that. The family took Lady right back to the pound. Another writer on Examiner picked up her story last week, and it is through this story that Rich learned of Lady. The heiress was not even at home last week, but she went immediately to work on arrangements to adopt Lady and bring her home.

Lady the dog flew to her new home in Florida on Thursday, and her trip was in style. Lady had her own window seat on the private jet Rich had used for her trip home. Rich shared a photo of Lady looking out the window of the airplane on her Facebook page. Helen said the following in another Facebook post after she adopted Lady:

"Everyone, please stop worrying. This precious girl is coming to live with me. My assistant is flying to pick her up tomorrow. I'm currently out of town, but my arms will be wrapped around her on Saturday. And she will never be scared or lonely again!"

Helen did return home, and she has now met her new friend. In fact, she kept her Facebook followers up to date on the situation by sharing another photo of Lady, and this time Helen is hugging her just as she promised. Rich spoke about her decision to adopt Lady in a new interview shared by this week. Rich made it a strong point to adopt the dog because she knew Lady would wait in the shelter while people fought over her. That was not acceptable to her. She said the following about why she chose to adopt the dog:

"I’ve had a tough life; just because I have a family name, it doesn’t mean diddly. I’ve had to survive and endure and walk a long, long way like her. She endured. I endured. Her story resonated with me."

The story of Lady, who was previously called Ma Kettle and Pepper, struck a chord with Helen Rich, but she also struck a chord with many others. She is one lucky dog. Rich saved her life. With overcrowding in animal shelters, older dogs are usually the first dogs to be euthanized if no one adopts them. Most people wanting to add a dog into their home want a puppy or a younger dog. Lady spent a long life loving her owner before the owner died in 2012, and now she will live her final days in luxury in Florida. She now has a new forever home with Helen Rich, and they are both happy.

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