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Heiress adopts Lady: Dog had walked 30 miles back to Kansas family

The story of heiress Helen Rich who adopts Lady, the dog who walked 30 miles to a Kansas family who didn’t want her back is back, is buzzing the Internet.

The amazing story of an aging black Labrador retriever walking back to her home in Kansas has a happy ending, reports. A heiress from Florida flew Lady on a private jet to her home.

The dog was once called Ma Kettle but was renamed Lady. There was a struggle to find a permanent home for the lab after she was taken to the Chautauqua County Animal Shelter after her owner died in 2012.

Shelter worker Kelsey Loyd has twice cared for Lady. She said that the first family who adopted her returned her because she was too rough with their puppy. There were also problems with Lady’s second owner in Independence, Kansas. She had escaped that owner’s home to return 30 miles to the first owner’s home.

But after all that, neither family wanted Lady back and she was breathtakingly returned to the shelter.

The shelter worker, Loyd, described Lady as a “super dog, gentle, calm dog” and said it was hard to accept that no one wanted the friendly Labrador retriever.

“If I had to pick a dog this would have been the dog I would take,” she said.

But Facebook came to the rescue after Lady’s story went viral.

Helen Rich, who is an heiress to the Wrigley gum company owns an animal sanctuary there. Ms. Rich sent her assistant, Chet Ragsdale, to the southeast Kansas shelter in a private jet to pick up Lady. He flew Lady back to Tampa in a private jet late last week.

“She's going to think she’s gone to heaven,” Ragsdale said.

Rich told that the dog's story touched her.

“I’ve had a tough life; just because I have a family name, it doesn’t mean diddly,” she said, citing a rough childhood, decades of having to prove her worth before inheriting the family fortune, and two battles with breast cancer. “I’ve had to survive and endure and walk a long, long way like her. She endured. I endured. Her story resonated with me.”

Understandably, the happy ending to the story of the lab that no one wanted, is going viral again.

Ms. Rich changed her Facebook profile photo to one with her and Lady. Rich giving the wayward lab a good home drew hundreds of comments of praise on her Facebook page.

Typical of many of the comments, Dan McKee Jr. wrote, “..after such an ordeal that Lady went through, is absolutely and completely heartwarming and restores my faith in humanity. Please give her a hug and treat for me and Lucky and thank you again!"

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