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Heinekin pulls out from St. Patrick's Day parade in support of LGBT community

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On March 15 Jezebel reports Heineken is following suit behind Sam Adams and pulling themselves from the St. Patrick's Day parade celebration in support of LGBT rights.

Parade organizers allowed the LGBT community to march in the parade, but they weren't allowed to use any signs that involved sexual orientation. The community has reached out to several groups and authorities in request to put their foot down on the discrimination and some have. Boston mayor Marty Walsh wasn't in attendance of the parade, and didn't have a comment on the matter.

A spokesperson for Heineken says that they believe in equality for all, therefore, they aren't going to support the parade Monday. GLAAD president, Sarah Kate Ellis, says they think that Heineken and Sam Adams are doing the right thing by showing young LGBT community members that they should be part of the celebration and that there are those that will support them.

Sadly, it is taking removing one of the most popular things from the American St. Patrick's Day experience to show that equality isn't just for some, but everyone.