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Heineken presents the 'Guest of Honor'

Can you imagine a night out celebrating a special event or just finally having the opportunity to get together away from the family and kids and getting thrown into the middle of a social experiment that takes you out of your comfort zone?


Heineken did just that recently at New York City's famed McKittrick Hotel in a social experiment to push people out of their comfort zones by taking them from ordinary observers to being the center of attention as the star of the show. The whole concept of this is to prove that everyone is legendary at something and to never be afraid of doing the unexpected. And unexpected is exactly what the night held in store for a group of unsuspected people where invited to a play and then it turned out that they were the stars of the show. Obstacles and dares where thrown at them from telling jokes to a feisty heckler in a comedy club to to giving a tattoo to an intimidating ink fan and even having to audition and join a Bollywood shoot. To be sure that not a single moment of this once in a lifetime evening wasn't lost, Heineken was there every step of the way recording the entire evening to prove that everyone has legendary talents.

To view the video just click the video attached or visit the Heineken YouTube channel by clicking here.

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