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'Heidi Northcott' and 'Chuck Liddell' are among others who like to exercise in the nude

‘Heidi Northcott’ and ‘Chuck Liddell’s’ new workout video showcases many aspects in exercising nude; one aspect is the contentment of one’s body. This is the same aspect that was showcased by nude cyclist in New Zealand. Nick Lowe has been labeled as the naked cyclist because wearing clothing makes him feel uncomfortable. He has found comfort in the skin he is within, so he chooses to explore health activities in which he can be nude.

Yoga is another trend that individuals are completing in the nude. Yoga’s principles are to unite the mind, body, and spirit. Unity of the mind, body, and spirit allows individuals to complete various techniques that relax the body, while strengthening it. Exercising in the nude is great for individuals to become in tune with their body and decrease the amount of resistance that may be caused by wearing clothing. Resistance decreases the range of motion that is able to be completed by particular body parts. What this means is that certain muscles and extremities are being restricted to operate in a specific area.
How can individuals in Columbus, Ohio partake in nude activities; however still be within the law of the state? Women in Columbus, Ohio are given the right to go topless in Ohio. Women can attend ComFest, located at Goodale Park, to partake in topless activities such as dancing and other health related activities. Women going topless in Columbus is still a concern for many Central Ohioans; however the trend to develop more nude activities is becoming highly acceptable.


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