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Heidi Montag authentic: Reality star says 'Wife Swap' let her be herself

Heidi Montag
Heidi Montag
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt recently filmed "Celebrity Wife Swap." On Monday, The Hollywood Gossip shared that Heidi is speaking out about this show and saying that it actually let her be authentic which is a big deal to her. On "The Hills" she was not allowed to be herself but on this show there were no pressures like that and this is important to her.

After Heidi's mom saw the preview for the show, she also shared with her that it was really cool that she got to be herself. Her mom noticed it too and for Heidi this is the only chance she has ever had to do that so it was a big deal to her. Heidi switched places with Amanda Beard and she says that she fell in love with her three kids right away. That obviously made it easier to be on the show.

Heidi really wants kids and being with Amanda's children just made her realize this again. Spencer is unsure about children but there is no doubt that Heidi wants to have some of her own in the future. She is hoping to have them within the next few years, but Spencer say she wants to wait 10 years. That would have this couple being a lot older when their babies were born.

Holly Montag went to Twitter to talk about the show. She is Heidi's sister. She wanted to remind everyone to watch the show. Holly spoke out about how everyone will get to see the real Heidi and Spencer that she knows and loves. It will be really nice for fans to get to see this side of them.

"Celebrity Wife Swap" with Heidi Montag and Amanda Beard will air tonight on ABC. This one hour show is something that fans don't want to miss. They are only on this one episode of the show.