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Heidi Klum wearing the ring, but should you during a job interview?

Although supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Seal recently went public with the news that they were splitting up, both celebrities have still been wearing their wedding ring in public. Seal was sporting his ring during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, while Klum was photographed wearing the jewelry outside a television studio in Germany.

Heidi Klum
Getty-Examiner photos and CareerUpshift

Although the decision to wear a ring after a break-up or divorce is up to the individual, when it comes to sporting diamonds on a job interview, perhaps it would be better to leave the bling at home. While it may be illegal for an employer to pass you by for a job because you are either married or engaged, as such a ring would seem to indicate, a huge rock can lead them to make assumptions about you that might count against you in the final evaluation.

How likely is this sort of discrimination to take place? Perhaps it's not very likely at all. But why risk it? Anything that can steal the focus from your resume and place it somewhere else, be it a ring, bracelets, a shiny watch or strong cologne, is better off left out of the interview room.

In the case of an expensive ring, a boss might subconsciously assume that you don't need the job as much as somebody else, due to the sparkly diamond on your finger. Rightly or wrongly, you may end up being passed over not as a result of your ability to do the job, but rather for your accessorizing.

In today's job market when there are so many people battling for each and every open position, prospective employers are able to pick their candidates from a very large pool. Don't give them any extra reasons to toss you out of the mix.

Dress appropriately, show up on time, and let your work history shine brighter than anything else in the room.


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