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Heidi Klum's trainer helps you lose 10 pounds fast with sugar-free diet success

Get Heidi's secrets.
Photo by Larry French

Trainer to celebrities such as Heidi Klum and Kate Upton, David Kirsch knows what it takes to shape up and slim down quickly and safely. If contemplating summer's revealing attire has you sweating, David has the secret weapons you need to lose 10 pounds before beach season. He revealed them in a recent interview with StyleCaster. David is the author of "The Ultimate New York Body Plan: Just 2 weeks to a total transformation" (click for details) and "Sound Mind, Sound Body: David Kirsch's Ultimate 6 Week Fitness Transformation for Men and Women."

Tip one: Eliminate sugar. “From the diet nutrition perspective—avoid a few different things. First and foremost is sugar in any way shape or form: sugar, honey, maple syrup, even artificial sweeteners,” David says. “No sugar. Start cutting those things out, and the pounds will start falling off. [A lot of my clients] are either addicted to some diet soft drink, or they’re sugarholics.”

Tip two: Eliminate processed carbohydrates. "You want to cut out any processed carbs,” David adds. “The more food is away from the ground or some shrub, you don’t want it. You want whole food: grains, beans, quinoa, and veggies. I’ve had clients who would have four or five pieces of gluten-free bread. That’s still bad!”

Tip three: Reduce alcohol consumption. “I’m not going to say drink zero alcohol, because that’s unreasonable for a lot of folks,” David admits. “But one glass of wine a couple nights a week are fine. More than that—you’re pushing it.”

Tip four: Do more cardio. “You want to bump up your cardio,” David suggests. “If you normally do 30 minutes, add on 15 minutes.” Not sure of what moves to use? He's created his own fitness DVDs to help you optimize your time to maximize results: "The Ultimate New York Body Plan" and "David Kirsch's Sound Mind Sound Body Ultimate Fitness Boot Camp."

Tip five: It might sound counter-intuitive, but David recommends slowing down. And that applies especially to eating. Learn how to appreciate your food and get more out of each bite by focusing on it. Get more slim-down tips from David by clicking here for his book "The Ultimate New York Body Plan: The Breakthrough Diet and Fitness System That Sheds Pounds and Reshapes Your Body--FAST!"

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