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Heidi Klum helps launch Dr. Scholl's new DreamWalk line (Exclusive Interview)

Heidi Klum helps launch Dr. Scholl's new DreamWalk line
Heidi Klum helps launch Dr. Scholl's new DreamWalk line
Dr. Scholl's

Today on April 4, we are excited to share our exclusive interview with Heidi Klum. She joined Dr. Scholl’s to announce the DreamWalk line of insoles to help women everywhere bring their uncomfortable shoes out of the “shoe closet.” The event was held at the Gansevoort Hotel in New York City. It was held in one of the hotel's penthouses with light music and a bar featuring various daytime drinks as well as little snacks that circulated the room. The event included various types of shoes displayed with insoles already attached inside. Attendees were welcome to touch and feel the insoles, each tailored for a different type of shoe. Though the campaign focuses on shoe inserts for high heels, there are options for flats as well. They range from a full insole to partial cushions for the back of the shoe. Samples of the products were scattered throughout the room, and guests were encouraged to try them out. Heidi Klum, of course was on hand answering questions and voicing her opinions on the product as well as graciously taking endless epic "selfies" with guests.

Check out our exclusive interview with Heidi below:

How did this endorsement come about?

When I was filming Germany's "Next Top Model," they sent me some samples of the product and I tried them throughout the whole season and I just loved them. Normally I do 10 to 14 hour days for that show and my heels are usually 7 inches, today I have 4, but normally I go up to 7. Because when I'm with the girls, I want to be tall with them. Some of my new models are 180 centimeters, and I'm 176 centimeters, so they're even taller. So if I don't wear extra extra high heels, I'm the garden gnome between them. Already they're like 20 years younger, and so tall, so I'm like,"I need to wear high heels." It makes it much, much easier with these.

So what was the process like helping to endorse this line?

I just wanted to make sure that the commercial is fun, and it shows my personality, because my idea was that because when we have shoes that really hurt, they're kind of mean, so I thought it would be fun to
design these fake mean shoes. It's like a shark, and this one is like a monster. (You'll see when the commercial airs). So we did these, because sometimes this is what I think the shoes do to me, they make
me really angry, they're mean with teeth and they hurt my feet. So I wanted to show … when you put the insole in it, they transform back into a beautiful shoe. This is the concept of the commercial and I thought that it would be fun how I tame the mean shoe.

So why do you think that these soles are a must-have for every woman?

I have never had anything like this before. I knew of the insoles you get for the winter, the furry kind, so you have warm feet. But I have never tried insoles before. How silly of me. If you feel mine for
example, I like it to have a little arch here, you see this bump? So it's not so flat like the foot is arched and it's nice and cushiony instead of having nothing in there, and no one sees it. I think it's great, and no one knows you're wearing them. I think it's like a great secret.

If there are three kinds of shoes that any woman should invest in, what kind of shoes would they be?

I love a boot, a short little flat boot, I love from NewBark, they have a hidden zipper in the back, like a perfect beautiful black boot. I would wear a little black bootie with a little chunky heel that you can wear in the daytime, and I would get a beautiful black pump, it's great, it goes with everything. So I would get a flat boot, a chunkier boot that goes with jeans and then a beautiful black pump.

So I noticed that some of the insoles are rubber, or gel type, and some of them are a foamy type, how would someone choose which one to use?

I think it depends on if it's in the summertime, if your feet sweat more, so you just see which is better for you. Or if you're wearing flats because some of them are also for flats not just heels, so you have to kind of try them out, and they're very inexpensive too, so you can also rotate them. They also help with the moisture, if you have sweaty feet it kind of helps, it absorbs the moisture. So you kind of have to play how your feet are.

Vivian Chen contributed reporting.

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