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Heidi Klum and Kate Upton trainer David Kirsch reveals fat-blasting secrets

When we're talking hottest supermodels in the world, Heidi Klum's and Kate Upton's names usually top the list. Now we're revealing the secrets of their uber-sleek physiques from their celebrity trainer David Kirsch.

Talking about the celebrity personal trainer, Kate recently told the Daily Mail, "'Not only does he keep me fit but he keeps me motivated! He changes [the exercises] every day and that's really important so you don't get bored."

Fat-shredding fitness guru David has shared his celebrity training secrets in several fitness DVDs and books:

David contends that by combining mind-body conditioning, multi-tasking workouts and smart nutrition, you can enhance your body in effectively and efficiently.

In his book "Sound Mind, Sound Body: David Kirsch's Ultimate 6 Week Fitness Transformation for Men and Women," David explains how to use your mind to improve your body. Included is a detailed two-week diet plus recipes: Learn more by clicking here.

Here are David's key tips that celebrities like Kate Upton, Heidi Klum and Ivana Trump use:

  • Bump bread. "It’s filled with empty carbs that spike your blood sugar, sending your body into fat storage mode and increasing your sensations of hunger. In short, bread is empty, wasted calories," says David.
  • Shun starchy carbohydrates. "Carrots, potatoes, rice, pasta, and corn all contain high amounts of carbohydrates and rank high or relatively high on the glycemic index."
  • Be wary of dairy. "Many people don’t realize that dairy products contain high amounts of a sugar called lactose. Not only that, but most people are sensitive to this sugar and can’t digest it well. It leads to bloating, which is the last thing you want when you want to look your best."

And in a testimonial from another supermodel, Linda Evangelista: "Initially, I went to David to reshape my body, not knowing that my interaction with him would ultimately reshape my life.”

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