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2014 Winter Olympics

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Heidi Kloser out of 2014 Olympics; Reports suggest ACL tear, serious leg injury

Heidi Kloser out of 2014 Olympics
Heidi Kloser/Twitter

While the fans of the 2014 Olympics are excited about the upcoming 2014 Olympics Opening Ceremony, there is sad news coming out of Sochi today. Heidi Kloser, a medal contender is out of the Olympics. According to ESPN on Friday morning the leg injury occurred during warm-ups before qualification began and the injury is serious enough that she won’t be able to continue in the competition.

Another source confirming the athlete’s injury was from Team USA who shared the news with the viewers who were surprised to hear of the injury. While the athlete is in high spirits, there isn't any doubt she has to be disappointed that she had to pull out because of an injury.

“#NEWS: @usfreestyle’s @HeidiKloser forced to pull out of #Olympics after injuring leg in #moguls training run. More coming soon,” tweeted U.S. Olympic Team from the official team account. While few details of exactly what happened has been released, it’s confirmed the athlete has pulled out of the competition and that the decision had to be a tough choice for the popular athlete.

The news was shocking, but Heidi Kloser is still expected to be at the 2014 Olympics Opening Ceremony. The star even tweeted a picture of her dressed in the Team USA fashion and on her way to the Olympic Park.

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