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Heed Mourdock's entire message

Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock is a lightning rod as the media hangs on his every syllable in hopes of reporting some salacious nugget he utters.

The Indiana Republican Convention in Fort Wayne was no exception, as Mourdock didn’t disappoint. However, unless one took the time, as I did, to read the entirety of Mourdock’s speech, readers are likely to condemn someone based on incomplete information and opinion.

Mourdock made what some would consider off-putting remarks comparing the United States’ economy to Nazi Germany’s. Naturally, any Nazi reference garners people’s attention and there were those, including members of the Jewish community who took issue with Mourdock’s statement.

But how many of those opposing Mourdock’s words were either present or read his entire speech?

Those quoted in The Indianapolis Star in “Mourdock cites Nazis, stuns party,” do not represent the entire Jewish community, as it is not monolithic.

An economic circumstance leading to the rise of a charismatic figure is a fact of history that repeated itself 75 years later. While the state of America’s economy is not nearly as desperate as it was in post-WWI Germany, rightfully laden with war reparations, Americans have a sense of desperation that, to them, seems as challenging.

An experienced treasurer, Mourdock’s words are a warning to the American people that the current economy will only get worse if the entitlement crowd continues making demands on the government I can barely sustain now. It will reach critical mass sooner rather than later.

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