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Hedges Make Good Neighbors

Especially during Bear markets or even deep Corrections. Investors with option approval can use Put options - that go up when the underlying market/stock goes down; even combinations, such as put spreads - buying 1 "strike price" and selling a lower one.

Otherwise the recent Inverse ETFs, which act like Puts, but are more expensive (but last longer) can be used when times such as the current market action appear.

It has been a long time since a Bear market, with much thanks to the Fed "Put" which makes it scarier, not safer - it is bad enough to have the HFTs (high frequency traders) manipulation, let alone the gov'ts! Economics are Rational - markets are Irrational! One should not confuse the two, especially in the short term.

Any prolonged market descent would not reflect well for our new Fed Chairperson. At the risk of sounding sexist: Who, I? As the fair sex becomes more dominant in today's management, they are finding not all is rosy at the top. For example, Mary Barra (I don't "Recall" those faulty cars); K Sebelius ( going back to Finlandia!); Lois "Slow" Lerner with her many Congressional "Returns", Hilarious Clinton doing the soft shoe (dodging) routine. Ms Lerner has been cited for Contempt - let us hope it goes no farther, into Disdain or Outrage.

As this great county evolved from a manly Agrarian, through Industrial, to Informational/Social industries, women are better suited for the current one - let us hope the downside of heart attacks, smoking, ulcers, etc. does not accompany it. If we have a "Hen Party", let it not win a Pullet Surprise" (say it fast).

You can learn a lot by reading - such as: did you know that Canola comes from Canada? In fact the name derives from CAN Oil Lite Acid! In the U.S. we call it Rapeseed. And those aforementioned Dark Pools? The Irish name for them is DubLin.

As for the Sentiment part of this column, nothing outstanding from last week, except for it being in a new Quarter, previewing the Income Tax shuffle this week, and the semi-annual lunar eclipse (April and October can be the cruelest months fro earthquakes and market crashes, due to the moon's pull on liquid, which the human body is mostly composed of). Be sure to stay up late Tuesday to watch the Red Moon. Then hope that stocks are in the Green hours after.