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(hed) PE - The evolution is complete

Continuing the Evolution
Continuing the Evolution
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(hed) p.e. has been a staple on the music scene for twenty years. Originating in California with roots in the rap metal genre, (hed) p.e. has continued to evolve. Much like their fans, the band has grown, moved and matured. The conceptual aspect has not changed dramatically since its inception; to make make music that moves.

Recently, Jahred (lead vox, lyricist) took time to discuss the band, the new album and how this evolution occurred. "This album is on fire, it definitely has some heat on it". So then the question becomes,

"Why has this manifestation taken so long?"

Jahred is quick to respond, " On our last label we were doing punk, but I wanted more. This is so good, I wanted to honor it. I am well aware that a lead singer can take a great song and ruin it. I knew I had to focus; make an effort to have a consistent vocals".

This new album, Evolution, will follow the live set. Beginning with the hard rock and ending with the songs that possess strong raggae roots. Gone are the days of writing songs with a hip-hop verse and a rock chorus. Jahred no longer believes that this is musical or creative. He believes that as he has developed, so has the (hed) p.e. sound.

The band broke up in 2003, shortly after Jahred reformed with what he believes is a more authentic Raggae. "these guys are the real thing. They know and embrace the Raggae roots."

As we move on from discussion of the band, it becomes apparent that it is Jahred that has undergone the evolution. His words and demeanor, even his choice of vocabulary are more intricate, more descriptive than in the past. He is open to discussing his sorted past and the damage he did to himself before he was able to conceeptualize the change occurring from within.

"We were a party band. Looking back, I can't even tell you what my thought process was back then. I was a drug addict and a wannabe pimp. I'm a different artist, a different man now. I'm a dad and a husband. When you first go out there you are encouraged to be Caligula. Now, I'm just trying to be the best man I can be. "

"I used to write about what was going on around me. Now, it’s a more honest reflection of who I am and my life now. From 05-09, the music was all about esoteric agendas, hidden human history and shadow goverments. The new album is about focusing on the internal. After some serious self analysis, I knew it had to be about me, my life now."

This evolution is evident in the new album. 'Evolution' is a coming of age lesson. Showing the movement from naricissm to the contribution to the universe at large.

As evident by Jahred's closing statement, " Greatness doesn't matter. Art cannot be quantified in the same way as being an engineer; it comes from the heart. Beauty is in the Expression".

And what a beautiful evolution it has been.....

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