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Heavy thunderstorms soak golf course fairways

This is a flooded curb at Columbus Park Golf Course.
This is a flooded curb at Columbus Park Golf Course.
Vernon Brookins

In Chicago-land during the morning hours of 1 a.m.-9 a.m. on May 9, 2014, heavy thunderstorms soaked golf course fairways. Of course, golf courses consist of more than fairways, so these rains also soaked teeing grounds, putting greens and rough areas. (The skies began darkening about 7 p.m. on May 8.)

The ground behind Columbus Park Golf Course's, first hole's teeing ground is soaked.
Vernon Brookins

Although it “rained cats and dogs”, poodles were absent. However, there were a lot of puddles. Puddles on golf course fairways are casual water. For golf courses that have ponds, the water levels were close to the tops. Of the six, Chicago Park District courses, five have ponds. Of the 10, Forest Preserve Golf courses, all have ponds.

It would have been interesting to see the ground conditions and water hazards conditions at River Oaks Golf Course. This Forest Preserve Golf course has the most water hazards of all Forest Preserve golf courses. River Oaks Golf Course, which is an 18 holes course, has five, distinct ponds.

Chicago Park District’s Jackson Park Golf Course’s pond has the lowest banks of all. This pond is on its 11th hole, par four. When golfers are approaching this hole from the teeing grounds, they will notice that the pond’s far side is only about 30 feet from the putting green, sloping upward. (Geese and ducks like to wade in this pond.)

This soaking rain moisturized golf courses enough to maintain their grass dark green color. (High temperatures that are higher than 90 degrees quickly dry grass. Such were the temperatures in Chicago-land on May 8 in the morning and afternoon. This was the first instance of 90 degrees temperatures in Chicago-land for 2014.)

Chicago-land golfers playing during the afternoon on May 8, 2014, struggled to cope with the sudden, radical change in temperatures. (It was in the 70s on May 7.) More than likely, such golfers scored many, unwanted bogies and double bogies.