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Heavy premiered on A&E

Heavy on A&E
Heavy on A&E
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Tom and Jodi were featured on the first Heavy episode that aired January 17, 2011.

Tom weighs 638 lbs. He has lymphedema and high blood pressure.

Jodi weighs 367 lbs. and has had a stroke. If she weren't self-concious about her weight, she would sing on stage like she used to do. Jodi's home life is stressful

Tom and Jodi go to a facility to work with personal trainers. There, they are not allowed to bring in any of their own food, watch TV, or talk on the phone. Neither of them are used to doing physical activity. A registered dietician shows them how to make healthy choices at the grocery store and read portion sizes on food labels.

After 30 days, Tom and Jodi are sent home and expected to continue working out. They will be monitored for the next five months.

Tom quickly gains weight and has to return to the facility. Jodi starts making positive changes in her personal life.

When Tom has lost 100 lbs, he has surgery to remove the lymphedema.

After 180 days, Jodi has lost 77 lbs. and performed on stage. Tom has lost 155 lbs. and started dating.

In St. Paul, new episodes of Heavy can be seen Mondays at 9:00 p.m. on A&E.


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