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Heavy laptop no longer needed, use PortableApps is the website to get the newest version of the “PortableApps Platform and Suite.” This incredibly handle software package is completely free. It has no spyware or adware attached to it. Its use is not limited in anyway. The developers want to be the platform for portable apps.
Their goal is to “build a single, open platform which any software or hardware developer can use.” They have succeeded.
Registration for the website and software is also free. It is not needed to download and use any of the many software apps on the website. Registration is recommended to receive email updates from the website. The software is designed to be installed to and run from any USB flash drive (AKA thumb drive), IPod or portable hard drive. There is not longer a need to carry a laptop or netbook computer. PortableApps does it all.

The software can be downloaded in one of three configurations: Platform Only, Suite Light, Suite Standard.

Platform only is simply the software use to run other applications from the portable devices. It has no other software.

Suite Light is a full range of software that includes a web browser, email, calendar, antivirus, instant messaging, PDF reader, password manager, audio player, notes and word processor.

Suite Standard contains all of the above, but instead of the word processor, contains the complete open source office suite from OpenOffice.Org. This includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, presentations, a database and a drawing program.

It is easy to install, easy to learn and easy to use. The software can be obtained from Try it today.



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