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'Heavenly Sword' CGI movie to release in September

The box art for the film doesn't derive much from the original game box.
The box art for the film doesn't derive much from the original game box.

Turns out that Heavenly Sword is coming back to the forefront of gamers' attention, not in the form of a long-awaited sequel, but a CGI movie adaptation dropping September 2.

Heavenly Sword debuted originally as a Playstation 3 console exclusive in 2007 and was greeted to fair reactions praising its graphics but scoffing at its short campaign. The game followed Nariko, a warrior who can wield the mythical power of the heavenly sword and use it against the invading forces of the evil King Bohan. The game currently holds a score of 79 on the review aggregator website Metacritic.

With the latest trailer, the CGI film will apparently retell and flesh out the story of the game, while boasting voice overs from actors such as Thomas Jane (The Punisher), and Alfred Molina (Spider-man 2) voicing Bohan. The main character of Nariko will be voice by Fringe actor Anna Torv.

The movie is intended for direct to blu-ray and DVD release, as well as a digital drop on the Playstation Store. It is not known at this time what price the movie will be.

This appears to be the first of many planned steps into entertainment that the Playstation brand is making. It was announced by Sony earlier this year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (commonly known as E3), that they would also be debuting a feature length movie in 2015 based off of the popular Ratchet and Clank series of games. Not only that, but the adaptation of the Powers comic book series will be produced by Playstation and debut on the Playstation Network in December of this year.