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Heaven is For Real - is the Movie?

Heaven is for Real
Heaven is for Real
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I was recently assailed by a friend on Facebook because I went to the movie Heaven is For Real and I endorsed it. Being a person who is trying to find the pure truth of God, I accepted that admonishment with a degree of tolerance. Maybe that person is right. I certainly don't want to go against God's desires just because I am cool with something. The Bible says that a thing might appear right to a man but leads to his destruction. And that false teachers and unsound doctrine would abound in the last days. So I want to be very careful. I also don't want to become paranoid of harmless or perhaps even beneficial things.

Can a 4-year-old boy go to Heaven and come back and tell people about what he saw? I cannot prove it one way or another. This is so true of almost everything dealing with God. We humans are like the students in a classroom taking an open book test. We can discuss the possible answers all we want, but until the teacher tells us what the correct answer is, all we can do is conjecture, study, and argue.

The Old Testament says that no man has ascended to Heaven. Hello. If you're a Christian you know that was true. Nobody could have entered Heaven until Jesus died on the cross and bridged the gap between mankind and the Creator. That begs the question: do people really go to Heaven upon death? Or are they resting in that place where Jesus was when he died, before he ascended to the Father? He told one of the thieves on Calvary that "today you will be with me in Paradise." However a few days later, He told the disciples that he had not yet ascended to his Father. So he was not in Heaven but in Paradise. Jesus said when he came back the bodies would resurrect from the graves and those who belong to him would be caught up in the sky with Him. That seems to indicate they're not in Heaven yet.

So truthfully, I don't stand firm to the fact that Heaven is even populated at this time by human beings. What other evidence do we have to go by? Does the story of the young boy who hugged his sister, who died in the womb at two months of age, talked to his paternal grandfather, and sat in the lap of Jesus testify of the risen savior and of his Father in Heaven? Does that story in some way assist the devil in keeping people in chains of sin?

There was no mention of how people get the right to enter Heaven. Thus there was no objectionable doctrine about everybody goes to Heaven. I could find nothing in this story that gives the devil any traction. I left the theater with my heart soaring. I felt that life is like a school. My loving parent has sent me off for an education. There are lots of bad things that happen at that school and life is not always happy. But when the school day is over, I will go home to the arms of that loving parent who was with me in spirit the whole time as I experienced a temporary existence in that school. I knew that God and Heaven were both for real. My problems and challenges of this present life are the things that are only illusions. Heaven is the real deal.

There are many battles to be fought in Christendom by believers trying to keep God's word pure. We need to choose those battles wisely. Don't waste your time arguing against things that are not clearly anti God and Jesus. What we will do with all of that conflict is turn people off. But never compromise on those issues which are worth fighting for.

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