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'Heaven Is For Real' has solid start; 'Rio 2' looks to win

"Heaven Is For Real" off to a strong start but will not win.
"Heaven Is For Real" off to a strong start but will not win.
Box Office Mojo

As the weekend box office shapes up, "Heaven Is For Real" got an early jump while "Transcendence" enters. But, it doesn't look like the newcomers will factor in when the champ is announced.

It is also a weekend that includes Easter, a day that hits the brakes, for the most part, for moviegoers. If families and the faith-based audiences come out in larger numbers, then a solid Sunday could be in the books, but not likely. Easter is not Christmas or Thanksgiving. They may push Friday and Saturday, however.

"Rio 2" and "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" look to battle it out once again. The same happened last weekend when "Captain" won a tight race. Will it be the other way around this weekend? After all, "Rio 2" is in its second weekend while "Captain" enters its third. But, the "Captain" remains very strong and even ripe for a second viewing. The holiday could spark added interest as well.

"Heaven Is For Real," based of the best-selling book, tells the story of a young boy who has a near-death experience. The story of what the Burpo family goes through when the family tells the world takes center stage. Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly, Connor Corumand and Thomas Haden Church star. It took in an estimated $3.7 million on its opening Wednesday. It took in $1.7 million on Thursday.

The release of "Transcendence" will mark many discussions regarding Johnny Depp. In the end, Depp will be fine even if the movie does not do well. "The Lone Ranger" fiasco dented his reputation, but perhaps so did his love of movie make-up. There was no need for the over-use of the white powder and the like for this one. Morgan Freeman also stars and brings his voice as well. The power of the computer and human emotions merge in this sci-fi tale. It is off to a slow start after Thursday.

All the big box office news may come from overseas this weekend as "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" opens. It opens in the states May 2.

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