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Heaven eternally awaits your divine connection

Someone is writing your story even now that you live your story you are a consummate Actor in that story and you have learned to take direction exceedingly well. The question is who is writing your story? The answer may be somewhat far-fetched albeit it does apply perfectly to your present circumstances. You may of course take direction from others around you or from situations and scenes that appear before you. In this case you were reacting and or a mirror of what is going on rather than a true actor that receives his or her directions from on high

Ocean's colors renewed
Ocean's colors renewed
Upside down

Consider now what is your greatest good and where it is coming from. In the act of your consideration you are focusing on your greatest good. This focus must of course be continuous. Otherwise, it will have no meaning at least a kind a meaning that you would like to insert into the actions of your life.

Remember that while you live upon the earth your home is forever in heaven. Therefore all that you do is for the sake of heaven. What does this mean?

Heaven is an acquired state of being. It relates to the world to come and to your simultaneous expression of the here and now and what is meant to be. Heaven is your home; call it the base of your operations. In other words it is the place where you are coming from and is always your manifested good.

Call it the center of your expression. Heaven wants the best for you. Call heaven your highest aspiration the most that you can get out of life. What we are speaking about here in terms of place is consciousness.

Consciousness by definition contains myriad levels of thought. All of these levels interpenetrate each other. It is the journey of the Kabbalist to freely ascend or descend from one level to another according to the intentional purpose of the design that is put forth.

The description of Heaven is an ongoing continuous focused intention. In order to keep the focus clear know that heaven the thought of heaven and all that has to do with heaven remain forever in the here and now. It is where you connect with the unification of the focus of your being.

Remember throughout your day that heaven is there for your connection. Heaven is always watching you. All you have to do is look up every once in a while to reach up and let go. Then heaven will infiltrate your thoughts and the scenes of your lives. B"H.

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