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Heaven doesn't have to wait

Rev. Chris Brass worshipping
Rev. Chris Brass worshipping
AP Photo/Josh Reynolds

“Now is the day of salvation.” – 2 Corinthians 6:2

Does life seem like one endless cycle? Do you wake up each morning with long, dark circled eyes, fearful of what the coming day will bring? Most of us experience a Groundhog Day of sorts. Life can seem flat; it’s as if we’re waiting for something to happen. But is this the way God intended for us to live?

Life can seem like a carousel of responsibilities, stress, and anxiety. And once you’re on the ride it’s really hard to jump off. We feel that we have to keep going because eventually it’s going to take us somewhere. In hindsight all it does it keeps us spinning in the same circle.

When you look at the verse above, what does it mean to you? Salvation isn’t a one time thing, it’s a process Much like a marriage or any other relationship it doesn’t end when you commit to each other, in fact that’s just the beginning. When we become followers of Christ our minds and hearts change. But like any relationship, our relationship with God can become flat and we can separate from him.

Life’s demands can become an obstacle to any relationship, God’s included. If you worked 16 hours a day came home to sleep and repeated the cycle 5 days a week how would your wife feel? The same goes with God. Without God time we miss out on vital truths that can change our perceptions and can lead us to better things.

If Heaven is a never ending relationship with God shouldn’t we take advantage of it? Communion with God is something that can be felt on earth; we don’t have to die to experience it. It’s up to us to take initiative and work on the relationship.

Life is stressful and full of challenges. Most of the time we rely on ourselves or other devices to pull us through. God offers us a chance to experience him on a daily basis. Shouldn’t we embrace the opportunity God has given us?