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Heating treatment for bed bugs

heating treatment for bed bugs
heating treatment for bed bugs

A heating treatment for bed bugs is the process of heating your entire home, apartment or dwelling to temperatures that exceed the bed bug kill zone. This is very different from a steam treatment, since steam is localized to the direct area of the steam application. Whereas, a heating treatment for bed bugs heats an entire area of a house.

There are many forms of heating treatments, so as a shopper it's best to be well informed of the many types of bed bug heating treatments. The top 3 heating treatment systems commonly used in North America include an electric system, a propane system and a heat transfer fluid system. These three treatments are Thermal Remediation, ThermaPure and Heat Assault respectively.

It is extremely important that temperatures can reach above 140 degrees fahrenheit, and these temperatures must be reached in a fairly short time period. Bed bugs are naturally drawn to heat, so therefore, as a heating treatment is being performed in your home, the bed bugs become active and start to seek the source of heat. If temperatures do not reach a minimum of 140 degrees fahrenheit during this activation period, bed bugs will start to spread and make the treatment much more difficult.

An exterminator should allow the room(s) to reach their kill-zone temperatures before moving any furniture around. This way, as soon as furniture is moved, and bed bugs are exposed to the open air, they immediately die due to heat exposure. However, if the room is not hot enough, and furniture is moved, the bed bugs will scatter onto the floor, and will attempt to escape the heating treatment source.

Ask your exterminator which system they use. If you have any questions regarding a heating treatment for bed bugs, you should be able to call your local heat exterminator and ask any questions you may have.