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2014 Winter Olympics

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Heather Moyse: Olympian's trash can hot soak is the talk of Sochi

Heather Moyse / Twitter
An Olympic-sized trash can hot tub?

No, Olympian Heather Moyse is not auditioning to play Oscar the Grouch, and as far as we know, there was no trash rummaging going on in the oversized garbage can she was in. She was just taking a soak folks – nothing to see here.

According to Yahoo! Sports on Monday, the Canadian bobsledder desired “to take a bath but, faced with the tubless realities of the Olympics, filled up a garbage can with hot water and Epsom salt before hopping in.”

Heather tweeted out:

No bath tubs in the Mountain Village... So just chillin' in a garbage bin doing a hot Epsom salt 'bath'! #NoExcuses @HeatherMoyse

Are conditions really that bad in the Olympic Village that our Olympians are jumping into green trash buckets? And isn’t that an inflatable pool in the background?

Evidently not many of the apartments in Sochi come with tubs. So when Moyse wanted to take a hot Epsom salt bath – a method traditionally used to treat sore muscles – she improvised.

Moyse's tweet of herself getting her garbage can on quickly went viral, attracting plenty of attention from Canadian media.

The Toronto Sun even ran a poll, asking: “If there were no tubs, would you take a bath in a garbage bin?”

In response, 45 percent voted for “it depends on how clean it is,” with 36 percent coming right out and voting “yes.” Only 19 percent declined getting into a garbage can to take a bath.

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