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Heather Mack cries 'racism' over KFC in jail

Heather Mack may have killed her mom
Heather Mack photo provided to media

Heather Mack, the pregnant teen accused of killing her mother and stuffing her body in a suitcase, has made numerous allegations against the jail where she's currently being held. This Monday night report confirms that the 19-year-old has made allegations of sexual assault while being held in the Bali prison -- though she says she isn't sure whether the rapists were prisoners or guards since not all guards wear uniforms where she's being held. It's hard to tell whether she's telling the truth or not, but her current behavior is odd enough to draw anything she says into question -- especially her claims of racism against the Bali jail.

Heather claims that the Bali jail guards are racist because they gave her KFC to eat, and she apparently threw a big enough fit about it that the jail served her McDonalds the following day. The jail also denies any racism allegations, stating that fast food meals are expensive (so why make a racist point with something that is expensive). That leads to the next question: Why are they spending so much money on fast food for this 19-year-old woman who is accused of killing her own mother?

This report reveals that Heather Mack has a history of assaulting her mother. There are reportedly numerous Oak Park police reports indicating a history of violence between the 19-year-old and her mother. In one incident the teen reportedly punched her mom in the ankle -- which was broken at the time. Another report alleges that the teen bit her mother numerous times. The level of violence against her mother didn't stop with biting and punching, either. Heather allegedly broke her mother's arm and locked her in a room to prevent her from calling 911.

It's apparent that there is a pattern of erratic and irrational behavior, but is the latest KFC "racism" fiasco an act or just more of the same in Heather Mack's world?

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