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Heather Elvis murder case: Grand Jury indicts Tammy and Sidney Moorer for murder

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On Thursday an Horry County Grand Jury indicted Tammy and Sidney Moorer on kidnapping and murder charges in the case of Heather Elvis, a 20-year-old restaurant hostess who went missing in mid-December.

WBTW reported March 21 that the Grand Jury met at the Horry County Courthouse and handed down a formal indictment against the Moorers, the decision noting that Tammy and Sidney Moorer intentionally kidnapped and murdered Heather Elvis. At the same time, the married couple were also indicted on charges of obstruction of justice and two counts each of indecent exposure.

The indictment follows a hearing on March 17 where the Moorers were denied bond.

Judge Steven John based his decision on the seriousness of the charges, the nature of the case itself, and the potential penalties faced by the Moorers.

WBTW also reported that there could be additional charges brought against the Moorers at a future date.

In the meantime, Heather Elvis' body has yet to be found, a factor that could prove problematic for the prosecution as the case moves into its trial phase. She was last heard from on Dec. 18.

Still, prosecutors offered a Powerpoint presentation providing a timeline for the events during the Monday hearing that led up to the alleged kidnapping and murder and a little beyond. Most damning was video surveillance footage from cameras near the Moorers Socastee home that captured images of one of the Moorer vehicles driving to and from Peachtree Landing, the last place cellphone triangulation picked up Heather Elvis phone and the site where her car was found by an Horry County police officer on Dec. 19. The video footage was taken after the last transmission from Elvis' phone.

Investigators also noted that the last contact on Elvis' phone had been with Sidney Moorer. When questioned by police, Moorer initially told them he hadn't heard from Heather Elvis since October, but being presented with the phone records reminded Moorer of their early morning conversation. He said he had simply told Elvis to stop calling him.

The judge signed a gag order Friday concerning the missing person case of Heather Elvis. The order binds Horry County Solicitor Jimmy Richardson, the Horry County Police Department and the Elvis family.