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Heather Elvis missing person case: Police return to scene of the alleged crime

Heather Elvis is still missing and members of law enforcement from several agencies descended on Peachtree Landing in Socastee, S. C., Friday in an effort to gain a better understanding of the area where investigators say they believe the 20-year-old was kidnapped and killed.

The Sun News reported Feb. 28 that although police were reticent in supplying details concerning their investigatory work, Lt. Robert Kegler of the Horry County Police Department said all was done to further the ongoing investigation into the Heather Elvis case. Kegler said that police were conducting a forensic reenactment of what they believe happened at Peachtree Landing on Dec. 18. Along with officers from area police departments and the State Law Enforcement Division, divers from S.C. Department of Natural Resources were in the water at the location on the Waccamaw River as well.

Kegler explained: “Today we are working with equipment at the boat landing to determine possible tidal flows and patterns that may assist in recovery of evidence. We do have divers present to perform grid searches and evidence recovery as appropriate.”

As noted by WBTW News, Kegler would not say whether or not there also had been some new information gathered that had led the investigation back to the river. He did tell the local news station that he did not know if the investigation would return to Peachtree Landing or if there would be other searches conducted over the weekend.

The lack of details provided is indicative of the way the Heather Elvis case has been handled by authorities from the onset. Much of what the public has learned, besides the official statements given by law enforcement, has come from social media, with some of that information based upon unreliable and/or unsubstantiated sources and rumors.

Jimmy Richardson, 15th Circuit Solicitor, said earlier this week in an effort to explain the paucity of information emanating from the investigation: “In the interest of justice for Heather, her family and friends, and the entire Horry County community, we simply cannot risk jeopardizing either the current investigation or future prosecution at this time.”

But what is known is that there have been two arrests in connection to the case. Tammy and Sidney Moorer, a married couple connected to the investigation from the moment Terry Elvis filed the missing person report for his missing daughter, were arrested Feb. 21 on obstruction of an investigation and indecent exposure charges while, at the same time, investigators executed a search warrant on their house in the Socastee area, located just a few miles from where Elvis' vehicle was discovered abandoned at Peachtree Landing. The next day, the duo were charged with kidnapping. The following day, Feb. 23, they were charged with the murder of Heather Elvis.

Still, for all the charges that have been filed, Heather Elvis remains missing. Anyone with information regarding the case or the whereabouts of Heather Elvis are urged to call Horry County police at 915-TIPS.

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