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Heather Elvis missing person case goes national, airs on 'Nancy Grace'

Nancy Grace has joined the search for Heather Elvis, who is missing from the Myrtle Beach, S. C., area. Elvis' parents, Terry and Debbie, appeared on the HLN network program Monday night (Jan. 6) in an effort to start a national dialogue that might help focus just enough attention on their daughter's missing person case to locate the 20-year-old. Because thus far, all other efforts to find the missing restaurant hostess have failed.

And as Nancy Grace herself said on the show in the run-up to the story, "Time is running out in the search for Heather."

Melodramatic or not, Grace just might be correct. Heather Elvis was last heard from on Wednesday morning, Dec. 18, three weeks ago. It was the last time her cell phone was used.

Her vehicle, a dark green 2001 Dodge Intrepid would be found at Peachtree Landing in Socastee on Thursday, Dec. 19. Terry Elvis would immediately report his daughter missing once the abandoned car was discovered.

And the search for Heather Elvis began.

Several organized searches on land, on waterways, and from the air have been conducted by law enforcement agencies, various county and state organizations, the Center for Missing Persons, horseback and dog teams, and hundreds of volunteers over the last few weeks.

According to WBTW, teams scoured the area around Tidewater Road on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Human remains were found in the area two weeks ago, but the bones belonged to a young male about 20 years old, according to the Horry County coroner.

To date, nothing of note has been discovered.

Nancy Grace summarized the missing person case, noting that the young woman had just gone out on a date prior to going missing. The man she met for dinner is said to not be a suspect.

Investigative journalist Rita Cosby told Grace: "And the last communication, which you just pointed out, Nancy, was around 3:41 in the morning, when she called her roommate to say, Hey, I had a great date. The boyfriend or the guy she went on the date with said he saw her car parked at the apartment. That`s significant because what happened was, the next day, a cop saw her car abandoned about 10 miles away at a spot she used to hang out, and that`s when they learned she was missing."

Terry Elvis added that the last time he heard from his daughter was through a text where she sent him a photo of herself driving a stick shift. He said she was smiling and seemed "normal."

Debbie Elvis told Grace that Horry County police had collected "hours and hours" of surveillance footage but did not think they had gotten much from reviewing it.

Grace also talked to the editor of the Carolina Forest Chronicle, Michael Smith, who told the show's host that the police report had information redacted from it. The missing portion is in the time frame between the last known communication and the time Elvis' vehicle was found.

Smith also noted that surveillance video is mentioned in the report but just what that might entail was redacted as well.

Grace went back to the parents, finding out that Heather Elvis' purse and cell phone went missing with her daughter. Terry Elvis revealed that police were keeping quiet about where the cell phone last pinged.

Grace said she had been "inundated" with calls to get involved in the Heather Elvis case. reported that the "Nancy Grace" feature came a day after a petition appeared on urging Grace to cover the Heather Elvis missing person case.

On Friday, "Nancy Grace" plans to air a feature on another Myrtle Beach missing person case, that of Brittanee Drexel, the 17-year-old New York girl that went missing in April 2009 while on Spring Break.

The reward for information regarding Heather Elvis has increased to $25,000.

Anyone with information regarding Heather Elvis, Brittanee Drexel or any other missing person are urged to contact the Horry County Police Department at 915-TIPS or email them at

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