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Heather Elvis case: Couple connected to missing woman investigation charged

Tammy Moorer and Sidney Moorer, two persons long associated with the investigation into the disappearance of 20-year-old Heather Elvis, went before an Horry County judge Saturday and were both charged with one count of obstruction of justice and two counts of indecent exposure. Neither of the two were granted bail, pending further developments in the Elvis investigation.

WMBF reported Feb. 22 that the Moorers were charged after being arrested Friday morning. It is as yet unclear if the charges are directly related to the case of the missing woman or if they stem from a tangential or unrelated matter, although police confirmed that the couple were taken into custody as part of the investigation. Tammy Moorer, 41, noted in her court appearance Saturday that the family had been going through some tough times. She talked about her three children and how she had lost her job since Heather Elvis went missing.

Social media sites have been particularly heavy with speculation as to the extent of involvement the Moorers might have played in the Elvis disappearance. Sidney Moorer, 38, reportedly had a relationship with the younger Elvis at one time. Phone calls between his phone and that of Heather Elvis are the last entries on her phone records, which Horry County police obtained shortly after Terry Elvis reported his daughter missing on Dec. 19. The concerned father mentioned Sidney Moorer's past relationship with his daughter in the missing person report.

Both Tammy and Sidney Moorer were arrested as several law enforcement agencies executed a search warrant on their home on Friday. Investigators following up on new information in the case derived from video surveillance cameras in the area where Elvis' vehicle was found abandoned descended on the Moorer home.

Heather Elvis was last seen when she was dropped off at her apartment after a date. (Her date has been cleared as a suspect in the case.) She spoke with a roommate later by phone and the roommate told police she had sounded upset and like she had been crying. Records indicate that Elvis and Moorer were in contact with each other as late as 6 a.m. on Dec. 18.

Elvis' green Dodge Intrepid was discovered by a patrolmen on Dec. 19 at Peachtree Landing which is on the Waccamaw River and not far from the home of Sidney Moorer.

Lt. Rob Kegler of the Horry County Police Department said that more arrests could occur in the future. "That's all going and depends on how the execution of the search warrant goes, and the ongoing investigation continues."

Meanwhile, the search for missing Heather Elvis continues. Terry Elvis and his wife, Debbi, told WBTW that they hoped the increased police activity around the Moorer home would generate renewed interest in the case and also lead to new tips.

To track developments in the case or to help in the investigation or search for Elvis, updates are posted at FindHeatherElvis on Facebook.

There is currently a $30,000 reward for information leading to Heather Elvis' whereabouts or for information concerning her disappearance. Those with information are urged to call 843-915-TIPS.

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