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Heather Elvis' accused murderer's father dies: Escape at funeral possible?

Tammy Moorer, currently in jail awaiting trial for the kidnapping and murder of Heather Elvis of Socastee, received tragic news of her own March 24. Her father, William Caisson, had died of natural causes.
J. Reuben Long Detention Center

With a gag order in place against all the major principals in the Heather Elvis murder investigation and court case, Horry County police refused to comment on whether or not the father of Tammy Moorer, William Caisson, had died or if police officers had even responded to a call to the man's house. However, The Sun News reported March 24 that Horry County Coroner Robert Edge said Caisson, 69, had indeed died, and he had expired due to natural causes.

It is not yet certain if Tammy Moorer will be allowed to attend her father's funeral. She, along with her husband, Sidney Moorer, was indicted by an Horry County Grand Jury Friday on murder, kidnapping, obstruction of justice, and indecent exposure charges. The married couple were denied bond on Monday when Judge Steven John ruled that the seriousness of the crimes and the potential penalties were enough to warrant the Moorers being held without bond.

The gag order most likely does not extend to the circumstances and situations outside the prevue of the case, such as deaths in the family. Still, given that Horry County authorities seem to be using a generous umbrella to include speaking of the death of an accused suspect's father, they might also invoke the gag order with regard to information about Tammy Moorer and whether or not she will be released to at least attend her father's funeral.

That undoubtedly would extend to prospective timing and security at the event. With both she and Sidney Moorer being denied bond on March 17 (due to the nature of the crimes, the seriousness, and the potential penalties involved, which made the couple a flight risk), there would likely be a large force of officers securing the area around the funeral.

It wouldn't do for a suspected murderer to escape...

Tammy and Sidney Moorer were arrested on February 21, both charged with obstruction of justice and two counts of indecent exposure in connection to the missing person case of Heather Elvis. That same day, several law enforcement agencies executed a warrant on their Socastee, S. C., home based on information derived from surveillance video cameras in the area around their house. They were charged with suspected kidnapping on Feb. 23 and suspicion of murder on Feb. 24.

As for Heather Elvis, the 20-year-old restaurant hostess remains missing. Although authorities are relatively certain she is dead, her body has yet to be found. However, in an oddly related case, the Horry County Police Department reached out to Florida's Volusia County Sheriff's Office to let them know about the Elvis case after human skeletal remains were found in Deland, Fla., on Thursday. No speculation has been made on the identity of the remains (Volusia County investigators have not revealed whether the skeletal remains were male or female), but the case is of interest in that Deland lies along the well-beaten path to Orlando, a place visited by Sidney Moorer three weeks after Heather Elvis went missing.

Heather Elvis disappeared on Dec. 18. Her abandoned vehicle was recovered at Peachtree Landing in Socastee, just a few miles from the Moorers house, on Dec. 19.

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