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Heather Dubrow’s husband calls daughter the ‘B-word’? Shocking ‘RHOC’ spoiler

Heather and Terry Dubrow
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images for Family Equality Council

The fans of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” had better be ready for a shocker next week. The cast was introduced on Monday with the new faces of the series being revealed, but it seems that the old cast members might be up to their same old tricks. In a new preview released on Tuesday, the shock of Heather Dubrow’s husband, Terry, is going to be felt. According to WetPaint on Tuesday, the cast members got to hear the reality star husband use the word “bitch” to describe his daughter.

“Coco is so mean to me,” says Terry Dubrow in the Bravo teaser for next week of the reality show. “I’ll come home and she’ll hide in the kitchen. I kiss her on the head and she screams, ‘No!’ Like, I kissed her. I’m sorry. She’s such a bitch.”

The Dubrow family has four kids, twins Nicholas and Maximillia, and daughters Katarina and Collette. Of course as any parents know, raising a handful of kids can be a challenge, but even so nobody uses street language to share how the child behaves, even if it might be a joke. And offering up such a shocker at a dinner party is even more uncouth.

It appears that Heather is embarrassed for the language, but the response of the other cast members is going to cause conflict. Looking like they just witnessed a train wreck, both and Tamra’s husband Eddie recoil from the words.

Talking about children and the antics that the kids offer has been something that parents have done for generations. Of course, usually when a camera is turned on the chance to share cute stories or interesting highlights is the main attraction. Sometimes even embarrassing moments are revealed too. Yet, even jokingly using the word "bitch" is less the appropriate especially in front of potentially new friends.

Last season the Dubrow family also had conflict between Terry and Heather. It appears that the issues might have changed, but there is still problems within the household. While viewers could claim that the use of the word was a joke, there is probably more to this issue than meets the eye. Hopefully Bravo will share what that might be!

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