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Heat Wave Continues

Blazing hot!
Blazing hot!

With temperatures near 100 degrees and heat index readings near 110 this weekend, it is important to not overdo your outdoor activity. We have information below concerning safety in the heat.

There is a Heat Advisory and Excessive Heat Warning for much of the middle Tennessee area. 

Stay safe in the heat this summer with the following tips on this link.

There is a chance for a random thunderstorm this weekend. Be careful when you hear thunder or see lightning. So far during 2010, there have been 27 tragic deaths due to lightning

Friday's high was 99, the record is 103 from 1881. Highs for August are averaging 96.5, which is less than the heatwave of 2007 where temps averaged 98.7 through the first 13 days of August. 


Michael Detwiler is a professional weather blogger from Cookeville, TN. He and his wife, Shawn, have three children. His website,, is updated daily. 


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