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Heat thunderstorms, snow, and flooding

Radar image 9:30PM 24 Apr 02
Radar image 9:30PM 24 Apr 02

Heat thunderstorms, snow, and flooding top the list of Michigan weather events on this day in history. From the National Weather Service and Storm Prediction Center (SPC) archives here are the weather events that happened on April 24.

Almanac 24 April 2014 Click on image for a larger view
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

1960 - Alberta had 1.28 inches of rain, Bergland Dam had 2.38 inches, near Beechwood had 1.97 inches, Van Riper had 1.80 inches, Crystal Falls had 1.47 inches, Ironwood had 2.14 inches, Ishpeming had 1.65 inches, Watersmeet had 1.50 inches, Steuben had 1.55 inches of rain. The excessive rain brought the Montreal River into high flood with 15 families having to be evacuated in Ironwood while the Big Presque Isle River in Marenisco forced 25 families to leave their homes due to flooding. In Marquette County, due to excessive rains in the fall of 1959, heavy winter snow and a wet April in 1960, roads were in bad shape with Skandia having most roads in the area closed due to frost and water with the Milwaukee Road train unable to leave Champion due to flooding from Lake Michigamme. In Gwinn, the east Branch of the Escanaba River was 10-12 feet above flood stage and was the highest in memory for the oldest residents. Near Republic, parts of M-95 were under water while 1/3 of the basements in Ishpeming were flooded.

1980 - Only two days after setting record highs in the 80s, a record snowfall blankets Lower Michigan. Grand Rapids sets a record for the date with 2.4 inches of snow, after hitting 86° on the 22nd. Muskegon also sets a record for the date with 3.5 inches of snow. Record daily snowfall of 4.3 inches fell at Weather Forecast Office in Marquette for a grand storm total of 6.4 inches from the 23rd to the 24th. This was 2 days after hitting 92°.

1990 - A record high temperature of 86° and a record warm low temperature of 54° occurred at Weather Forecast Office in Marquette. Muskegon also observed a record high of 81° after a record warm low of 61°. Alpena saw a record high with 85°.

2002 – A line of strong thunderstorms move across West Michigan between 8:30PM and 9:00PM. Several trees came down in Kentwood and Paw Paw. In Cedar Springs a home under construction had the roof partially blown off. See the slideshow on the top for a few weather images of this storm. Click this link for a radar loop of the storms

2005 - A 3 day snowstorm swept across Southeast Lower Michigan dropping 16.5 inches of snow on NE Clarkston. The thumb reported drifts of 3-4 feet of snow. The storm began on the 23rd and lasted through the 25th.

2009 - A sharp cold front moving through an unstable air mass produced a few severe thunderstorms over western Upper Michigan in the evening. A 58 mph gust was from the southwest at Beacon Hill. Power lines were down in Laurium with no power in the city. Golf ball sized hail (1.75 inch) lasted about three minutes in Stager in the early evening with no strong winds observed. Click this link for a radar loop of the storms

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