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Heat causes bats to die en masse

Top news coming in to a warm San Francisco today is a story about bats.

Heat causes bats to die en masse
Heat causes bats to die en masse
Getty Images
Heatwave in Australia causes bats' death
Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Just as America is recovering from the polar vortex phenomenon, Australia has been recovering from a heatwave.

In recent days, Queensland's interior has actually been sweltering through record-breaking heat, as have parts of Central Australia and north-western New South Wales.

"It's hard to think about heat when we've been hearing so much about the polar vortex and the cold," says San Francisco resident, Katie Adler.

That heatwave has caused the deaths of around 100,000 bats.

Reports are that the dead bats just "fell from the sky" says

One video that has now gone viral is a report from a man who has over 1,000 carcasses of bats in his back yard, says the Guardian

One RSPCA spokesman says it was the heat that did it.

"The heatwave was basically a catastrophe for all the bat colonies in southeast Queensland," a rep for the RSPCA told Australia's ABC News

The rep says that a huge number of deaths was reported at 25 different colonies.

Continued in Part 2

See the bat video and the heatwave pictures that accompany this article.

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