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Heartwarming reunion as separated bonded dogs meet at NYC high kill shelter

This beautiful, well-cared for eight-year-old gray and white female pit bull mix has lived all of her life with her seven-year-old bonded companion (possibly her offspring) until both dogs were tearfully surrendered to Manhattan's NYC Animal Care and Control facility by their owners on June 12, because of the New York City Housing Authority Ban which reads:

Listed as "Code Red Urgent Rescue Needed" these dogs were only surrendered because of the NYCHA pet policy against bully breeds.
Urgent Death Row Dogs of New York

"The revised NYCHA pet policy that went into effect May 1, 2009, reduces the permissible weight for full-grown dogs from 40 to 25 pounds and restricts specific breeds, including Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, and Dobermans, either pure-or mixed-breed."

Precious, as the mother dog is named, lived with six adults, two young children, cats, and of course Papa, the companion dog who was also surrendered. A volunteer writes:

"We're also told that she's not used to strangers, and of course, we are all strangers to her, and she's doing the best she can. She wagged her tail gently at the kenneled dogs we passed on the way out, sweet in her greeting to them. After some time spent together she came to me for petting, and I finally got a kiss from her! She's very bonded with Papa, and the two dogs were so excited to see each other, she kissing his mouth, and licking his ears in happiness. They are great to see with each other, and would love to find a home where they can be together as the bond is evident and they've never been separated. Precious aced her behavior evaluation (as did Papa), and is hoping to find a new family to take care of."

Both dogs had been separated in different kennels and cried out of loneliness and pure desperation after losing their home, being forced to live in an unknown place behind bars, and placed with strange dogs and humans. Their reunion was videoed, as Precious washed Papa's face with her sloppy, loving kisses, and stayed close by his side during their time together.

Watch the video by clicking here.

Now Papa, who is described as the more relaxed of the two and also well-cared for before his life, as he knew it, suddenly came to an abrupt change. The more mellow of the pair, Papa also passed his evaluation tests with flying colors and can be adopted by most families. A volunteer writes:

"His leash manners are excellent, he's housetrained (confirmed by his former owner), and seems fine with dogs of all sizes. We're told that he will growl if he's enjoying his nylabone and doesn't want to be disturbed, but other than that has no behavior issues. Papa and Precious are hoping to find a home together as the bond they share is clear. Having aced his behavior assessment, Papa is available for adoption into most homes. Ask to meet Papa today."

Follow Papa's Facebook thread by clicking here.

Please remember there are no required "holds" for surrendered dogs, and the lack of space and their breeds put both Precious and Papa on the Code Red Urgent Death Row Dogs. These two dogs are so kind and so deserving of new homes, please share their stories and their videos with all of your friends, families, and coworkers.

Follow Precious' desperate plight on Facebook to find a home where she can once again feel safe by clicking here.

When inquiring about Precious, please refer to #A1003026. When inquiring about Papa, please refer to A1003028.

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For adoption information at New York City Animal Care and Control, please click here.

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