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Hearts Are Good - An Argument in Favor of Organ Meats

The thought of eating a heart or lung can be gross to a love of people. Most don't find it appetizing to eat these organs in modern times, but it wasn't long ago when they were all delicacies. More importantly, they were all necessary foods for complete mental and physical health. These days, most people only get choline through eggs, which are never consumed in a high enough quantity. Because dietary choline is the source for acetylcholine in the brain, it is essential for you to consume enough.

Choline Sources in Foods

The best thing you can eat is eggs if organ meats are not high on your priority list. This includes foods that have eggs baked into them, but you can also eat boiled eggs with salads or scrambled eggs with vegetables. Eat as many as possible to get enough choline in order to live a healthy lifestyle. There is a lot of fear about cholesterol and eggs, but it is important that you take that with a grain of salt. So long as you reduce sugar intake, cholesterol should be fine.

Organ meats are the other sources and liver and kidneys are the best choices. These organs have the highest quantity of choline and a wide variety of other nutrients as well. If you are taking nootropic drugs or cognitive enhancers like oxiracetam or aniracetam, it is a good idea to consider getting food with choline in it.

Without these food sources, you are going to need to get some other sources of choline. This might include things like alpha GPC or CDP choline, but try to avoid lecithin or choline bitartrate if you want the most ideal sources for your brain.

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