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Heartless owner abandons unwanted Christmas puppy along the side of road

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Authorities are convinced the heartless owner who abandoned 14-week-old Snoopi in a pet carrier along the side of a road at Downham Market, in Norfolk, had received the pooch as a Christmas present and didn't want the little guy once the novelty wore off reported the RSPCA News.

Inside of the cage underneath a pile of leaves, the former owner left a note stating:

“Please look after me as my owner doesn’t want me anymore. I’ll try my best to keep you happy. My name is Snoopi.”

Also found next to Snoopi's kennel were all kinds of dog gear; most likely the kind of presents one would receive when they were given a puppy. Included were a dog bed, dog food, dog training equipment, and a teddy bear.

Inspector Jon Knight had his own opinion about the person who abandoned the dog:

“On the one hand, they seemed to care due to the note and the careful way all the dog-related goodies had also been left.

On the other hand, it’s just so callous. He was left hidden by a residential street where he could easily have been ignored or missed, and on a very cold night. Temperatures being what they were he would have been really ill if left there overnight."

Luckily Snoopi survived his scary ordeal, and will eventually be available for adoption.

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The public is being asked to help find the person responsible for abandoning Snoopi. Please contact authorities at 0300 1234 999.

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